We believe in the individual, and empower organisations and their people to thrive.

Using the latest in learning solutions design and technology, we make learning and behaviour change stick. Our rich proven content portfolio leverages over 100 years’ experience and enables us to tackle business challenges at scale and deliver measurable results.

We partner with clients to provide scalable, flexible, global learning solutions. With offices across the globe, Tack TMI delivers in 55+ countries and across 37 languages – in-person, virtually and digitally.

Tack TMI are proud to be a part of Gi Group Holding – Italy’s largest multinational staffing company and one of the world’s largest services provider dedicated to the development of the labour market. Tack TMI leads Gi Group’s Learning & Development Practice and is joined by other Practices, covering every aspect of Talent and Development – from Recruitment (Temporary, Permanent, Professional and Executive) to Outsourcing, Outplacement and HR Consulting.

We deliver your business outcomes

Your business is our work. We are passionate about delivering a lasting impact in your organisation, through our Learning and Development solutions, including:

REVENUE GROWTH: through increased sales team effectiveness
EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT & PRODUCTIVITY: through ongoing career and personal development
EMPLOYEE RETENTION & LEADERSHIP CULTURE: through bespoke leadership and management development
SUPERIOR CX: through our inimitable customer service suite
CULTURE TRANSFORMATION: by working across the organisation to address individual and collective behaviours
SAFE WORKPLACES: by promoting the behaviours (in individuals and managers) that underpin a safety culture.


Our Expertise

Vast client and industry experience, unrivalled subject matter expertise and superior consultancy skills enable Tack TMI to design and deliver impactful learning solutions that have immediate and lasting results.

Our learning solutions can be delivered virtually and in-person through bespoke in-company programmes, open training programmes and apprenticeship programmes.


Win new business. Maximise revenues. Retain customers.

Our Sales Excellence solutions develop the skills, know-how and confidence your salespeople need to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive sales environment.

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Deliver world-class service experiences that go beyond customers’ expectations.

In many organisations, service experience doesn’t go beyond commonplace customer service practice. Tack TMI will help you build a world-class customer service mindset from the inside out.

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Create a strong and consistent leadership culture. 

Our Leadership and Management solutions equip your leaders with the unique skills needed to inspire and motivate their teams to achieve more.

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Develop the skills your people and your business need to be successful tomorrow, today.

Improve the personal effectiveness of your employees by developing the skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed.

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Navigate through your transformation journey

Great companies are the product of great cultures. Tack TMI take a holistic approach to any change initiative, factoring in structures, processes and capabilities as well as the critical human side of transformation.

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Take ownership of health and safety. 

Empower and enable sustainable improvement in safety behaviours and performance

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Why clients choose us

Our clients tell us the partnership they find with us is unique. Few other Learning and Development organisations can compete with our global reach, our expertise or our track-record of delivering impact.

Content that speaks to your learners around the world – available globally in 37 languages.

Our global footprint and project management expertise ensures any programme can be delivered consistently, while adapting to local cultures and specific needs of your learners.

The sheer numbers of trainers in our Network allows us to deploy and scale at speed – all while minimising travel costs or expenses.

Tack TMI are proud to have a toolkit of quality, research-based solutions that work. That way, you ensure your learning and development investment translates into real results.

You can expect the newest learning design and delivery through our continuous innovation.

Looking for something customised? We have the experience and flexibility to co-create – building learning around your values, competencies and your learners’ needs.

From a single day’s training to a global intervention for thousands, we are committed to delivering lasting impact for every individual and organisation we work with.

Our Global Project Management Team ensures programmes of all sizes are delivered on time, to a high quality and on budget. We strive to deliver value to our clients and seek to demonstrate the return on investment for Learning interventions.

Our rich heritage

Since 2016 we have operated as one joint Tack TMI Network, under the stewardship of Gi Group, who acquired the businesses at that time. This strategic move by Gi Group was designed to accelerate its learning culture (linked to their values), provide Tack TMI’s solutions to their existing clients, and provide Tack TMI with the conditions to further accelerate its growth and reach.

Prior to this time, Tack and TMI operated independently – each with a unique history and DNA, but shared beliefs that hold true today. As Tack TMI, we provide the best of both worlds together, in our motto. We believe in the individual.

The UK’s first Sales Training Company, founded on a focus on customer-centricity – brought to life through the “You, We, I” concept.

Tack began with a small UK family business back in the 1930’s. George Tack – an engineer, and his brother Alfred – a natural salesman, established ‘NuAire’ in 1937, producing and selling ventilation and heating systems.

Employing a large team of commission-only salespeople, the Tack brothers developed an internal sales training programme that yielded outstanding results. Word of ‘Tack’s Training’ travelled fast within UK industries and many people from different businesses came to observe and learn professional selling skills, centred on the customer-centric “You, We, I” concept.

The entrepreneurial brothers recognised a new market for sales training and decided to share their expertise officially, through the foundation of an independent training and development business. The ‘Tack School of Salesmanship’ was established in 1948.

A holistic approach to personal development, authoring your life and story in an intentional way.

Time Manager International, TMI, was founded in Denmark by Claus Møller in 1975. He believed that it is the emotional development of individuals that is the secret to transformation. Since its foundation, TMI has directly influenced and inspired more than 6,000,000 people worldwide.

TMI has changed the relationship between many service providers and their customers – our training and communication methods helped SAS (15,000+ people trained) and British Airways (36,500+ people trained), transform their service and profit performance in the 1980’s.

In the 1990’s TMI evolved into a consultancy inspiring and enabling culture change – working with people to translate vision, purpose, core values, brand values & personality into sustained new ways of thinking, acting and behaving.

Meet The Leadership Team


Jim O'Brien


Matthew Loucks

Global Clients

Hazel Greatbatch

Global Operations Manager

Leif Mortensen

Chief Financial Officer


Lauren Kidd

Global Marketing Manager

Amanda Kennedy

Director of Apprenticeships

Meet The Team

Nik Mitev

Nik Mitev

Business Development Manager

Thomas Davidson

International Sales Area Manager

Sara O’Brien

Head of Partnerships & Sales, Apprenticeships

Alison MacDonald

International Sales Manager - Leadership
Julie Law

Julie Law


Tamara Manwaring

Project Delivery Manager
Penny Williams

Penny Williams


Hannah Rafiq

Marketing Specialist

Work with us

Here at Tack TMI, we are committed and passionate about people, about their ability to reach their true potential and achieve sustainable results, not just for our clients, but internally within our business too. We practice what we preach and look for employees who share our passion. We encourage our employees to strive for continued growth and excellence both for themselves and through the solutions we provide to our customers.

We do not currently have any open positions but please do check back.


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