Customer Experience Training Courses

Deliver world-class customer service experiences that build loyalty and grow revenues

The ability to effectively recognise and fulfill customer expectations is a vital aspect of building a successful brand in any business environment. In order to achieve this, your organisation and its employees  must have the skills and training to successfully offer a unique service that is not only valued by your customers, but actually goes above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

Customer services standards must be maintained across your business at all times. Your workforce must be able to meet customer service expectations and promises routinely and consistently in order to satisfy the needs and wants of customers and, in turn, protect your hard-earned reputation. This is where Tack TMI comes in.

Here at Tack TMI, we have unrivalled global expertise and specialist knowledge when it comes to customer experience. We provide an array of outstanding and bespoke Customer Experience training courses, designed and delivered to improve the customer service skills of your workforce and help you keep and extend your customer base, regardless of what industry your business operates in.

Develop Customer Experience Skills at Every Level

As with all our specialist training and development solution areas, Tack TMI’s Customer Experience training courses are broad and cover a wide range of industry specific learning topics. We address a full range of development needs to help your business successfully navigate the challenges of customer service, ensuring your business always delivers the experience your customers demand and expect. Our customer service training initiatives include:

  • Creating a unique service experience for your business by defining your service brand DNA from the outset
  • Mapping and outlining the entire customer journey, across all service touch points, and highlighting areas for improvement
  • Understanding service influences, behaviours and trends by conducting service staff ethnography
  • Using business-tailored training methods to shape and form the attitudes, behaviours and skill sets of all customer-facing staff to ensure uniform excellence
  • Ensuring results of improved customer experiences are visible across the business and continue to promote and encourage best practice using results as an incentive.

Customer Experience Solutions

Delivering Results

Our BEFORE, DURING and AFTER approach ensures you receive the right interventions tailored to the needs of your people and your business.




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