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Team Leaders, Managers, Department Heads and Directors are all vital to any business. They keep your entire workforce motivated, confident and performing at its full potential to not only achieve business targets and goals, but also exceed them. They provide direction, solve day-to-day issues and skillfully navigate any obstacles and challenges your business may face.

However, leadership and management expertise does not manifest itself overnight. In order to develop the relevant skills of the people that hold key leadership positions in your business, you must first understand that ongoing education and upskilling is essential and that existing skills require constant nurturing, honing and updating.

As is the case with all our specialist training and development solutions, Tack TMI’s outstanding Leadership and Management Training courses are extensive and cover a wide range of industry-specific development areas and learning topics. Each training course addresses the key areas of leadership needed to successfully lead and manage elite teams in the modern business world, and are designed to ensure your trusted managers and team leaders always deliver.

Leadership training courses for all industries

Tack TMI’s comprehensive range of Leadership and Management training courses have been designed to cover a full spectrum of development needs relevant to all businesses, regardless of the industry they operate in. Our specialist courses have been expertly formulated to help both newly-appointed managers and experienced leaders alike to master the wide and complex range of skills needed to develop, manage and lead high performing departments and teams. Each course focuses on improving and developing a selection of key leadership skill sets, including:

  • Problem Solving
  • Managing Time
  • Delegating
  • Motivating Employees
  • Decision Making
  • Influencing
  • Performance Management
  • Coaching
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Working Under Pressure

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Leadership and Management development solutions

Delivering Results

Whether you are looking to provide those fresh into leadership or management with a solid foundation on which to grow, hone existing techniques of experienced leaders or managers, or develop specialist skills, our BEFORE, DURING and AFTER approach ensures you receive the right interventions tailored to the needs of your people and your business.




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