Build effective, fulfilling relationships

Above and Beyond is a programme about  building a culture of recognition and personal development. It is a little unusual in this regard in comparison to other personal development programmes.

It addresses some of the subjects most crucial to the development and well-being of ourselves and the organisation in which we work. It begins with insights into our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Then the programme encourages us to take steps in adapting and reshaping them where they may currently be making a negative impact on ourselves and others.

At the heart of this concept is the importance of building and sustaining relationships with others that are engaging and empowering.

By using some basic principles of psychology in an everyday setting we can change any dynamic of a relationship for the better, at home and in our team at work.



This 1 day workshop provides a unique and emotive learning experience for individuals within your organisation. Unlike any other personal development programme, ‘Above and Beyond’ uses basic principles of psychology in an everyday setting to help people change dynamics of relationships for the better, at home and in the workplace.



Managers who wish to learn how to inspire and encourage their team. Team members who want to function better as a team. Anyone who takes an interest in their own development.


 Key outcomes

  • Develop and maintain a positive attitude to yourself, to others and your work
  • Strengthen self-esteem
  • Give and receive positive and constructive feedback to others without discouraging them
  • Increased tolerance of other people’s differences
  • Create a life with meaning and substance



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This course is typically held over 1 day


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Clearly understand the need for change by examining the importance of relationships, the nature of problems and how to improve their lives
  • Learn to choose the different level of commitment, energy and attitude to take towards work and life
  • Explain the importance of positive attention and the five things their success depends on
  • Define ways to acknowledge and recognise others that will have a positive impact on the way they relate and communicate; Use TOOLS # 5 & 6
  • Enrich the lives of others where ‘obvious’ work done is often undervalued and underappreciated
  • Positively influence self-esteem
  • Provide constructive feedback in a way that promotes harmony
  • Assess the impact of employee recognition and create ideas that would contribute to this practice
  • Create an Organisational Development plan to contribute to a culture of high performance, encouragement and recognition


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

Tailor this course

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