Boost the wellbeing and productivity of your sales team by learning to lead with resilience

Sales managers and leaders in any organisation play a pivotal role. Sat between the frontline of the organisation and the leadership team, they have to carefully balance the needs of both the business and the needs of their sales people. Maintaining this equilibrium is a constant task, and one that becomes crucial in times of change or challenge.

Pressure from this careful balancing act can negatively impact the psychological wellbeing of sales managers. Such emotional strain is known to be contagious within the organisational context, poised to impact on both the wellbeing and productivity of their teams.

Sales managers provide an ideal starting point for an organisation to begin their resilience building initiatives.


This sales training course will allow your team to build an overall awareness of their own wellbeing both as individuals and as a group, allowing them to cope more under pressure and support one another in times of stress.



Sales managers in organisations where employee wellbeing has been recognised as a crucial ingredient to organisational productivity, engagement and ultimately success


 Key outcomes

  • Better understand your own psychological wellbeing as well as how to better manage and support members of your team
  • Increase your confidence in managing stress-related issues within your team
  • Improve levels of emotional awareness within your team, enabling employees to cope with stress and threats to wellbeing by developing self-regulation and coping capabilities



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The course is typically held over 1 day


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Aware of the components of and benefits of resilience
  • Better identify and manage stressful situations
  • Equipped with techniques and strategies to adapt and self-coach
  • Able to lead effectively through periods of change, challenge or uncertainty
  • Poised to increase productivity and wellbeing within their sales team
  • Engaged by the commitment of their organisation to build a work environment committed to the wellbeing of its people


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

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