Thrive in pressurised environments

Resilience is a core competency that all managers and leaders, both from a personal and leadership perspective, need to have in their toolkit. Those that have mastered this skill are better equipped to deal with the increasingly complex and challenging climate in which they are expected to operate.

Our one day, high impact and interactive Resilience and Wellbeing course explores the relationship between personal and team resilience and organisational performance. Those attending this course will leave confident in their ability to identify and manage their own response to pressure and have the skills required to implement a range of coping strategies, techniques and behaviours that will build resilience and help manage wellbeing back in the workplace.


This interactive and practical 1 day programme will provide you with a toolkit for promoting your personal wellbeing and that of your teams.



Managers and leaders looking to develop their personal resilience and understand how they can promote employee wellbeing by better supporting their teams to cope with today’s workplace pressures.


 Key outcomes

  • Increase your own personal resilience
  • Safeguard your team’s wellbeing by improving their coping strategies and resilience
  • Keep teams engaged, motivated and performing at optimum levels
  • Reduce stress related absenteeism whilst improving retention and productivity
  • Build a resilient organisation



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The course is typically held over 1 day


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Identify and assess the elements that comprise a resilient organisation and how these positively impact performance
  • Determine personal resilience and wellbeing; identifying strengths and development areas
  • Understand the impact of stress and poor wellbeing on performance
  • Recognise the early warning signs of poor wellbeing, both personally and within others
  • Appreciate the link between wellbeing and resilience
  • Practice a range of coping strategies, techniques and resilient behaviours to build resilience and manage poor wellbeing
  • Know how to challenge negative thoughts and promote positive thinking
  • Role model resilient behaviours
  • Signpost to internal and external resources and support


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

Tailor this course

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