Confidently diffuse conflict and harness differences to improve performance

Developing and maintaining positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders is a business critical skill. It requires early identification of any potential conflict and the skills, techniques and confidence to quickly prevent or resolve it.

This one day, interactive and practical course explores the true definition of conflict, enabling you to analyse its causes while developing the skills necessary to effectively manage it. Drawing on case studies, personal and group experiences as well as self-evaluation exercises, participants are encouraged to reflect on conflict in the workplace and hone the skills and techniques needed to respond and manage these situations effectively.


This practical and engaging 1 day programme will provide you with everything you need to manage conflict effectively back in the workplace.



Anyone involved in leading, managing or working in teams where the potential for conflict to arise is present. This may include: First-time Managers, Project Managers or Team Leaders.


 Key outcomes

  • Learn how to handle workplace conflict effectively
  • Transform the destructive energy of conflict into productivity
  • Recognise ‘triggers’ to eliminate conflict early on
  • Develop a collaborative approach for managing workplace conflict



£599 excl. VAT.


Conflict Management is typically held over 1 day


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Define conflict
  • Recognise the five styles of conflict resolution and how to best adapt your style and approach to a conflict situation
  • Understand your preferred style of conflict resolution
  • Apply the Stop, Pause, Go model to collaborative conflict resolution
  • Apply emotional management techniques to managing emotions during conflict
  • Explain assumptions and their effect on conflict
  • Use active-listening skills to improve the working environment
  • Apply assertive non-violent communication language techniques to express your needs and respect the needs of others


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in person or virtually

Tailor this course

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