Manage global accounts to reach their full potential

For many companies, global accounts represent an opportunity to build lasting revenue streams. However, winning a global accounts is the first step. To truly benefit from the full opportunity requires effort at both the global and local level.

Successful Global Account Managers understand the key skills needed to implement a global account and further develop it. They are skilled at building virtual relationships, influencing a wide range of stakeholders with differing motivations and drivers as well as being cognisant of the need to continually look for ways to add value to global customers to win even more, higher-value business.


Our Global Account Management open course will equip your sales people with the skills and understanding they need to successfully implement, engage and manage your most strategic accounts.



Those individuals in the sales function who are currently or are due to have Global Account responsibilities


 Key outcomes

  • Implement strategies to develop and protect global accounts
  • Foster strong multi-level relationships with internal and external stakeholders to successfully implement and develop global accounts
  • Analyse relationships, competitors, services and value proposition for global accounts identifying risks and developing strategies to overcome them



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This course is typically held over 3 days


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Work Global Accounts to their full potential
  • Develop effective strategies for implementing global accounts within your business
  • Analyse relationships, competitors, services and the value proposition for Global Accounts
  • Understand the role of strategic planning and mapping in developing multi-level relationships and ensuring every engagement strengthens your position as a trusted partner
  • Create different value propositions for different stakeholders
  • Identify risks and strategies for minimising risks
  • Understand the role cultural difference play in Global Account Management and how to harness differences to motivate and influence


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

Tailor this course

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