Empower your customers to promote your brand

We know that happy and engaged employees create customers who are promoters and they in turn generate a thriving business with a growing bottom line. The critical component for making that all happen is people. Those whose job it is to make positive connections between the customer and the brand every day.

Collaborating with one another ensures we continue to make a positive contribution. Colleagues together identify new ideas that enable the organisation to create opportunities to make every experience a customer has one that is compelling, engaging and long lasting. Sustaining our focus on the customer is a constant challenge, particularly because it requires more and more creativity and energy to differentiate ourselves. Keeping the  service message fresh and sustainable, and customers loyal and enthusiastic is what this programme helps teams and organisations achieve.


This 1 day programme helps teams and organisations to sustain their focus on the customer, keeping the service message fresh and customers loyal.



Everyone in your organisation has the ability to impact your Customer’s Experience. This extended learning programme is particularly beneficial for those who have previously attended Tack TMI’s Putting People First Programme.


 Key outcomes

  • Build on previous learning about the customer experience without losing the momentum
  • Use the power of stories to demonstrate how the organisation succeeds in delivering great customer experiences
  • Examine how we can improve our customer-centricity
  • Create a positive atmosphere with colleagues and customers alike



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This course is typically held over 1 day


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Build on previous learning interventions by undertaking a “Review to date”
  • Identify who the promoters and detractors are
  • Understand the 5 types of customers, their needs, perceptions and expectations of what a great service experience looks like to them
  • Use positive ways and techniques to give feedback that has at its heart a growth mindset
  • Examine your ideal team environment and identify three things you could do immediately to create it
  • Explain what it means to be customer-centric
  • Connect our Vision, Mission and Values to what we do everyday for the customer
  • Build a culture of recognition through our daily interactions
  • Generate ideas for sustaining a positive culture that delivers a world class customer experience
  • Use a technique for successfully communicating with others
  • Identify the support needed (and from whom) to continue to deliver world class customer experiences


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

Tailor this course

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