Master the process of change

Managing change is a critical priority for organisations and the leaders and managers in them. Our Managing Change programme addresses the top challenges facing leaders and managers, which trends indicate, are likely to include: engaging people to work through change, behavioural resistance, communication breakdown, agility and ensuring the change sticks – meaning it integrates in the organisation long-term.

When any type of change happens the impact affects the dynamic of those in the organisation and its culture – it is your people who will drive the process through to achieve the desired result. It is this process that is explored and positive strategies developed to mitigate risk and maximise the potential opportunities.


This 2 day learning experience helps Leaders and Managers to address the key challenges of change, equipping them with the necessary skills to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities.



Those leaders, managers and change agents responsible for initiating and implementing change in their teams and organisation


 Key outcomes

  • Work through the process of implementing change in an organisation and build strategies to manage each stage of change successfully
  • Diagnose how to manage the change process mitigating risk and resistance
  • Apply various methodologies, tools and communication strategies to engage employees through the reactive and proactive change processes they will face in the organisation



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This course is typically held over 2 days


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Understand the change dynamic, how it affects us and the prevailing local and global landscape
  • Identify trends about change and the impact on different types of people
  • Assess the need and types of change we will likely need to address in our organisation
  • Successfully support, manage and encourage people throughout the change process
  • Produce a communications plan for when managing people through change
  • Identify where individuals are on a 4 phase change curve and use this assessment to successfully master resistance and risk within the change process
  • Overcome typical mistakes in managing change in organisations


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

Tailor this course

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