Empower people to deliver a captivating customer experience

Team members look to their manager for support and encouragement to do the right thing. Delivering a  captivating customer experience, at times can be challenging. People need to understand the values and guiding principles by which they need to operate when delivering a powerfully positive customer experience. Sometimes this may result in the need to “bend” some of the rules.

When a manager is close to their team they can support them to make the right decision when help is needed. Furthermore, the manager quickly sees the operational need for policy review when working with their team  and keeping close to the customer touchpoints. By building a collaborative climate any manager responsible for the Customer experience enables everyone to become accountable for creating promotors and brand advocates.


This one day, highly interactive, course with trainer led discussions, group work and discussions based on real company situations, will enable you to successfully manage a customer-centric culture.



Those responsible for managing and encouraging others to live a CustomerCentric Culture, delivering world-class Customer Experiences.


 Key outcomes

  • Learn from outputs of the two management games that can be immediately applied to the workplace
  • Set a framework for defining service standards that everyone works towards
  • Identify the levels and drivers for delivering a compelling customer experience
  • Create agendas going forward for team meetings that focus on the customer experience



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This course is typically held over 1 day


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Add a CX strategy to build long-term success
  • Identify the characteristics of Customer-Centric organisations
  • Understand the connection between employee satisfaction/engagement and the quality of the customers experience
  • Learn how to provide a framework for defining service delivery standards from the Activity ‘Create your Customer charter“
  • Define the role a manager takes as the CX coach
  • Practice and develop coaching and feedback conversations that enhance the ability to add value at various touchpoints
  • Foster collaboration by building a climate of Trust
  • Create positive accountability connections to ensure everyone connects their role with sustaining a customer-centric culture
  • Identify the levels and drivers for delivering a compelling customer experience
  • Link corporate values to customer-centricity
  • Identify team strengths in delivering the customer experience
  • Develop a CX plan to aid the implementation of ideas and concepts explored during this programme
  • Highlight plans with a short term implementation time frame that will show immediate results, doing the same for medium and the longer term time frames.


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

Tailor this course

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