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Engage customers online and increase your sales pipeline

Today’s buyers are more resistant to traditional sales techniques, with cold calls and emails no longer as effective or convenient as they once were. Instead, they are turning to digital channels such as LinkedIn; researching products, services, organisations – even people – before they make an enquiry or purchase.

Successful salespeople have quickly adapted their approach, embracing social selling techniques to capitalise on the opportunity social media channels, such as LinkedIn, present. They have developed strategies that allow them to not simply connect with potential customers, but to positively influence them; developing strong relationships, generating new leads and keeping them ahead of the competition.

At Tack TMI, our Social Selling course explores the importance of mastering social selling and equips you with the skills, tools and techniques needed to effectively research, target, engage and network with potential clients through social media. Upon completion of this course, you will feel confident and have a fine-tuned social selling plan you can put into practice straightaway for immediate results.


This interactive and practical one-day Social Selling training course will provide you with the insight and tools to effectively engage with customers in a way that your competition is not.



Salespeople, Sales Managers or Business Managers who want to become more knowledgeable, confident and effective social sellers.


 Key outcomes

  • Utilise key social selling principles to improve your sales results
  • Understand the Social Selling Cycle and how to plan and implement an effective social selling strategy
  • Use social media to develop long lasting successful relationships with your clients and prospects
  • Map out, create and implement a social/digital media touch point campaign



Virtual: £575.00 excl. VAT.

Scotland: £625.00 excl. VAT.

Manchester: £625.00 excl. VAT.

Coventry: £749.00 excl. VAT.

London: £825.00 excl. VAT.


Our Social Selling course is typically held over one day.


 Upon completion of this course you will  able to:

  • Have a solid foundation and understanding of social selling and the skills, tools and techniques needed to be successful
  • Improve your sales results with both new and existing customers by learning key social selling principles
  • Understand the Social Selling Cycle and how to plan and implement an effective online selling strategy
  • Develop the tools, skills and techniques required to build your network, sell to that network and develop long lasting relationships with your prospects
  • Use social selling to develop new leads and brand advocates


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Tailor this course

Contact us for further information on how Social Selling training course can be tailored to your business