Lead a winning team

There is a view held by some that teams develop on their own through chance or good luck. This is not the case. An effective team requires not only good leadership but willingness by the members of that team to participate. This Teamship programme will provide the opportunity to examine these two essential components.

The concept of Teamship is made up of the behaviours and attitudes required to be part of an effective team. Just as Leadership is what it takes to be a Good Leader, Citizenship is what it takes to be a Good Citizen, so Teamship is what it takes to be an Effective Team.

Being a great Teamship Leader is an important role to play in ensuring everyone is making their best contribution and encouraging and supporting them to do so.



Our Teamship workshop, typically 2 days in duration, will equip your organisation’s Managers and Leaders with the drive and skills to play their important role effectively and ensure everyone is making their best contribution within a positive ‘We’ Culture.



This facilitated course with trainer led presentations, activities, group work, practical discussions and integrated work based situations is tailored for Managers and Team Leaders in the organisation.


 Key outcomes

  • Better relationships with team members with an increased sense of ownership and responsibility
  • A better company image and wider understanding of the teams goals
  • Reduced turnover of people, engaged team members with a renewed commitment to excel
  • More streamlined processes that make work interesting and engaging
  • A more positive company and team-based “We” culture



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This course is typically held over 2 days

 You will leave this course able to:

  • Differentiate between teams and workgroups
  • Understand the 4 Teamship clusters and the 15 factors they relate to
  • Demonstrate the importance of flexibility within a team and how change can improve performance
  • Use communication techniques to help overcome problems
  • Know ourselves and others better using the Belbin self-perception assessment inventory
  • Explain why the Teamship factors of respect and visibility are important in terms of leading by example
  • Create and communicate a shared vision
  • Develop a multi-functional team
  • Identify ways in which team members can act as encouragers
  • Identify an ethos that creates the ‘we team’
  • Create an action plan for the improvement of the effectiveness of the team


 Delivery options

This course can be delivered in-person or virtually

Tailor this course

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