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3 ways omnichannel is changing B2B sales and what this means for sales professionals and leaders


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The world of B2B sales has been irreversibly transformed in the past two and a half years. Although it may seem like an exaggeration, it is the truth. According to Research conducted by McKinsey, in April 2020, over half of B2B decision makers (54%) believed that digital sales channels were just as effective, if not more so, than traditional channels. However, in February 2022, this number skyrocketed to 91%.

This drastic shift in the preferences of buyers means that sales organisations must adapt and redefine themselves to excel in this new omnichannel environment, with the required skill set evolving to meet these changing needs.

Join Tack TMI for our webinar on Tuesday 18th April at 10:30 AM BST, when we will discuss:  

  • How omnichannel is changing the way businesses interact with sales
  • What these changes mean for the traditional sales process and where sales professionals will feel the pinch points
  • The skills required to enable sales professionals and sales leaders to thrive in this omnichannel environment
  • The steps organisations of all sizes can take now to improve their success


To add some practical, first hand experiences to this critical subject, we have invited two specialists who will share their perspectives and knowledge on the opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead.


Grant Richardson - Tack TMI

Grant Richardson

Sales & marketing transformation specialist and Associate Consultant with Tack TMI, and previously Global Head of Sales and Head of Digital Transformation for Sales & Marketing for Aggreko.

Matthew Loucks

Matthew Loucks 

Director of Global Clients, Tack TMI

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