Building impactful learning journeys the Tack TMI way. As you seek to address your business challenge through learning and development, it’s important that your needs and those of your learners are put first. From one-off training interventions to Global Academies or Business Transformation Programmes, we offer complete flexibility – both in terms of learning content, design and delivery modality.

Our proven, research-based content, offers ready-made learning that can be easily deployed and quickly scaled across the Globe. If you’re seeking something unique, we have an unparalleled understanding of what makes learning and behaviour change stick. We can design and deliver fully bespoke learning, built around your organisation’s values or specific competencies, as an extension of your in-house Learning Team.


Consultative Approach

Understanding your business is critical to our approach and enables us to be an effective learning partner. We do that through our 5 “I”s Consulting Process:

INVESTIGATION: exploring your purpose, discovering your business reality and understanding your aspirations.
IDENTIFICATION: getting specific about your desired state, including the hard metrics, scope and strategy to deliver it.
IMPLEMENTATION: establishing the teams, systems and language for getting things done.
INTEGRATION: ensuring momentum of any learning intervention by exploring how learning can be readily applied into the day-to-day thereby ensuring ongoing sustainability.
INSPIRATION: our north star in ensuring that we ignite interest in learners and project teams alike, engaging hearts and minds maximising potential.

Learning Design

We believe in the individual. Our engaging, learner-centred programmes reflect just that. Using the latest in blended learning design and technology we make learning and behaviour transformation stick.

Our approach to learning design ensures every solution is orientated around your learners’ needs. In practice, (informed by Malcolm Knowles’ four principles of adult learning) this means:

  • We involve learners in the planning and evaluation of their own learning
  • We provide a safe environment where mistakes can be made within experiential learning activities
  • Relevant learnings are applied with immediate impact and value in either a professional or personal context
  • Learning experiences are problem-centred rather than content-driven


The Making Learning Stick (MLS) is the framework from which we build every Blended Learning Journey. Our MLS framework is sustainable, learner-centric and positively impacts business performance by being:

  • Relevant – both in terms of content and application
  • Flexible – in time and format
  • Goal-orientated
  • Measurable- in terms of business impact
Understanding your business context, extrapolating the desired behavioural shifts and uncovering any barriers to change.
Creating a personal connection with and answering the question “what’s in it for me?” Without continuous learner motivation, commitment to investing time and energy.
Learn & Try
Provide flexibility in time and format, including learning that is Self-Paced, Instructor-Led or Peer-To-Peer. The focus is on practice, application and active participation – using digital learning as a primer.
Bridge the knowing-doing gap. Build sustainability through reinforcement and practice. We support learners and their leaders to implement new habits, overcoming barriers and performing at their best.

Learning Delivery

Recognising that not all Learning & Development requirements are the same, we can build a programme together with you, with flexibility at its core. We regularly adapt our learning delivery methods based on the latest learning trends and technologies.

In-Person Training

Train the Trainer



Professional Coaching


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