Upcoming Dates
Upcoming Dates

25 Oct
Virtual Classroom
1 Day

Increase the number of new business appointments you make

As important as it is to keep existing customers, to ensure future success companies must continue to generate new business. Finding new high quality contacts who will become long term loyal buyers of your products and services is the objective of virtually every business. Yet it can feel impossible with increased competition on price or product/service range, poor sales technique and greater resistance to sales calls being just some of the perceived barriers.

Generating new business, however is a skill that can be learned. This all begins with establishing contact with the right person and then gaining that all important appointment at a specified date and time. Once learned, these skills can consistently open doors, ensuring appointment targets are met and new sales are generated.


This one day programme focuses on increasing appointments with qualified prospects who genuinely want to meet you and hear about the impact your product or services can have on their business.



Anyone who uses the phone to find new customers and are responsible for generating new business for themselves, their colleagues or their company.


 Key outcomes

  • Increase conversion rates and generate more qualified appointments
  • Learn how to structure calls effectively through TACK’s phone lab – a unique, practical environment enabling you to practise, listen and receive feedback on your calls
  • Increase confidence to overcome objections

 You will leave this course able to:

  • Generate more qualified appointments
  • Get through to the decision maker
  • Open the call and grab the contact’s attention
  • Create and establish the need for an appointment
  • Close on the appointment
  • Establish rapport
  • Respond to objections with confidence

Practical, effective and flexible solutions to suit organisations and individuals

Appointment Making is available as an in-company tailored programme (face-to-face or virtual) and a scheduled virtual programme, click below to find out more:


Virtual Appointment Making is held in easily digestible, bite-size, VILT sessions over the course of 1 day. The format of the sessions is as follows:

Day 1: 4 x virtual sessions

(Course dates are subject to change)


£599 excl. VAT.

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Appointment Making scheduled course dates
Appointment Making scheduled course dates

25 Oct
Virtual Classroom
1 Day