Upcoming Dates
Upcoming Dates

05 Oct
Part 1 - 05-10-2021 Part 2 - 07-12-2021
4 Days

Authentic Leadership

Discover your authentic leadership style and inspire others to excel

Leadership has changed. Increasingly diverse and multi-generational teams present leaders with a variety of challenges. To be successful, today’s leaders must understand how to manage, inspire and motivate different personality styles and their unique expectations around responsibility, preferred methods of communication and models of working.

This dynamic business environment requires a different approach to leadership. One which helps organisations realise the true potential of their teams and more emotionally intelligent leaders.


Our 2 part Authentic Leadership course encourages leaders to unlock potential and recognise individuals’ needs, goals and personality traits while retaining the natural style of the leader. This approach enables individuals to collaborate freely and learn from their experiences without judgement, while providing openness and transparency around leaders’ own successes and failures – the key to building a stronger, happier, more successful team.



Middle and senior-level leaders. Ideally participants will have previously attended a first-line management programme, possess people management experience or be on the path to a senior management role.


 Key outcomes

  • Learn how others perceive you as a leader with a Lumia Leader 360 portrait
  • Discover your natural leadership style and enhance your leadership skills
  • Understand your team at a deeper level through listening levels and curious questioning


 You will leave this course able to:

  • Make the transition from Manager to Authentic Leader
  • Utilise your leadership qualities to generate a culture of collaboration that enables idea sharing beyond your immediate team
  • Inspire your team in the appropriate way to embrace your vision and aims
  • Leverage your leadership style to influence complex teams
  • Identify and enhance positive leadership behaviours that help engineer solutions in difficult situations
  • Foster a collaborative culture where individuals with differing objectives work together to generate solutions that benefit the whole organisation
  • Adapt to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity within a constantly changing environment
  • Understand your natural leadership style to effectively lead your team

Practical, effective and flexible solutions to suit organisations and individuals

Authentic Leadership is available as an in-company tailored programme (face-to-face or virtual) and a scheduled virtual programme, click below to find out more:


Virtual Authentic Leadership is held in easily digestible, bite-size, VILT sessions over the course of 4 days in two parts. The format of the sessions is as follows:

Part 1

Day 1: 4 x virtual sessions

Day 2: 4 x virtual sessions

Part 2

Day 1: 4 x virtual sessions

Day 2: 4 x virtual sessions

(Course dates are subject to change)



£2,899 excl. VAT.


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Authentic Leadership scheduled course dates
Authentic Leadership scheduled course dates

05 Oct
Part 1 - 05-10-2021 Part 2 - 07-12-2021
4 Days