Navigating the path of leadership: Empowering emerging leaders

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, emerging leaders face a crucial challenge – enhancing their leadership skills and equipping themselves to lead with confidence and vision.

As new challenges and opportunities arise, the success of organisations relies on the capabilities of their leaders to adapt and navigate through uncertainty.

Honing leadership skills is more crucial than ever for emerging leaders. Embracing opportunities for development and learning, they invest in their growth to forge a strong foundation for their leadership journey.

Are you ready to take charge and make a lasting impact? The Build Leadership Programme is specifically tailored for aspiring leaders, whether you’re stepping into your first leadership role or striving to enhance existing skills. Gain the confidence and authenticity needed to lead with purpose and empower yourself for lasting success.

 Course overview

Unlock your true leadership potential. Tailored to empower emerging leaders, this programme equips high-potential professionals and junior managers with enhanced leadership skills for achieving success. The Build Programme offers a comprehensive platform to learn and master essential skills, such as effective communication, team management, and problem-solving. These capabilities will enable you to make a lasting impact on your career trajectory.



The Build Programme is tailor-made for emerging leaders, encompassing high-potential professionals and junior managers entrusted with leading, directing, and motivating others. It is ideal for individuals seeking to advance their leadership competencies, encompassing effective communication, strategic thinking, decision-making, and team management.


 Key outcomes

  • Discover and refine your natural leadership style, elevating your leadership skills.
  • Acquire essential coaching skills to strengthen relationships and effective management.
  • Identify key components that foster a great team, encouraging collaboration for enhanced efficiency and engagement.

 Tack TMI’s Build Leadership training will teach you to:

  • Align people values with organisational values and aspirations.
  • Understand the significance of people development, goal-setting, and creating alignment.
  • Master the art of delivering constructive feedback to unlock untapped potential.
  • Navigate and manage conflicts effectively, ensuring a psychologically safe work environment.
  • Recognise and address challenging behaviours in high-performing individuals.
  • Embrace accountability and leverage six sources of influence for impactful leadership.
  • Develop awareness of the leadership ladder and the intent-based leadership model.
  • Implement the GROW coaching model, empowering relationships and effective management.

Practical, effective and flexible solutions to suit organisations and individuals

Tack TMI’s Build training course can be delivered in a number of ways. For a tailored solution that is built around your organisations needs, this course is available as an in-company programme. Alternatively, it can be delivered as an open course or scheduled virtual programme online. The choice is yours.

Build: A Programme for Emerging Leaders

Open Course

 Programme delivery

Our Build Programme starts with a one-hour virtual launch followed by a virtual 1-1 DISC & 360 Feedback coaching session.  The 5, 1 day, face-to-face workshops are delivered over 16 weeks and conclude with a virtual 1-1 coaching session. The format of the sessions are as follows:

Launch: Virtual 1 hour webinar

DISC & 360 Feedback session: Virtual 90 minute 1-1 session

Day 1: 10am-4pm

Day 2:  10am-4pm

Day 3: 10am-4pm

Day 4: 10am-4pm

Day 5: 10am-4pm

Coaching Session: Virtual 90-minute 1-1 session

(Course dates are subject to change)



£2750 excl. VAT.

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