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Upcoming Dates

16 Dec
Virtual Classroom
2 Days

Retain valuable clients, build loyalty and grow revenues through exceptional account management

Competent key account management is essential to any B2B business. Did you know that, according to The Pareto principle, it is likely that 80% of the sales your B2B business makes come from just 20% of your clients? Subsequently, the clients who make up this 20% will tend to be those with the potential to generate the greatest return on their investment, making these clients your key accounts. With this in mind, it is in your business’ best interest to pay particular attention to these key clients, ensuring that a strong relationship is built and nurtured in order to retain and grow these accounts, and, ultimately, drive higher revenues.

Naturally, the best way to protect your business’ prosperity is by not only retaining your key clients, but also strengthening these relationships and growing the amount of business you do with them. In order to do this, highly skilled Key Account Managers are essential. Acting as the main point of contact for key clients, effective Key Account Managers will understand their client’s goals, communicate seamlessly with their own colleagues and the client themselves and generally build a strong rapport with everyone involved. Only through ensuring that those responsible for account management receive the correct training and upskilling will your business be able to effectively and consistently retain key clients and increase revenues. This is where Tack TMI’s Key Account Management course comes in.

 Course overview

As with all of our training and development programmes, an innovative and interactive approach provides the backbone of our Key Account Management courses. Over a two-day period, we combine theoretical account management approaches with practical real-life activities to develop all areas of a Key Account Manager’s skill set. This ensures they return to work ready to handle any situation when it comes to strategically managing your business’ key accounts.



Tack TMI’s Key Account Management training courses are designed for those who have some experience of account management and want to develop their skills when it comes to addressing customer’s priorities and goals, managing expectations, communicating with key clients effectively and upselling solutions and consultancy.


 Key outcomes

  • Bring organisation and consistency to all aspects of your key account planning with the help of our Tack Account Planner
  • Develop skills to help you identify your client’s true needs, priorities and goals and how to communicate the strategies to help achieve them
  • Learn behavioural profiling techniques to help further your understanding of how different individuals work and how to adapt bespoke account management styles for different clients based on these profiles



Tack TMI’s Key Account Management Training will teach you to

  • Construct and implement bespoke strategic selling approaches designed to ensure key accounts are won, retained and grown through the application of the Tack Account Planner
  • Implement Tack TMI’s ‘Client Centred Selling’ model designed to help you plan and successfully apply your strategy
  • Properly evaluate the organisational structure, communication platforms and decision making process used by key client/prospect clients
  • Analyse your own strengths and weaknesses and see yourself through the eyes of your clients to improve key account relationships
  • Fully understand different personality and management types of your client’s key stakeholders and how to adapt your own account management style to best deal with them accordingly
  • Identify your key client’s true needs, wants, priorities and business goals using Tack TMI’s powerful and intelligent FIND® investigation model

Interactive, flexible and transferable training courses for all businesses

Our Key Account Management training is available as a bespoke in-company programme (face-to-face or virtual), or as a scheduled virtual programme that is delivered online. This means, regardless of your business’ current circumstances, any restrictions that may be in place, or the location of your staff, our Key Account Management course is totally flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Click below to find out more:

Key Account Management – Virtual Classroom


Designed for businesses keen on remote learning, our Virtual Key Account Management is provided in a series of bite-size, virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions over the course of two days. The format of the sessions are as follows:

Day 1: 4 x virtual sessions

Day 2: 4 x virtual sessions

(Course dates subject to change)


£1,399 excl. VAT.


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16 Dec
Virtual Classroom
2 Days

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