Upcoming Dates
Upcoming Dates

22 Feb
Virtual Classroom
1/2 Day

Learn expert tips from experienced TV Presenter, Alastair Greener

With more and more of us working from home, we have become overnight TV presenters. Virtual meetings are here to stay, so how do you get your message across in a way that is engaging and builds trust? How do you keep your audience’s attention when studies show that up to 65% of them will be preoccupied with other tasks?

Our skilled Presenting with Impact, Virtually trainer, Alastair Greener, has over 25 years’ experience as a TV presenter and knows exactly what is needed to come across well on camera. The course is packed with practical tips and invaluable advice that will leave you more confident presenting your next online session, leading to more effective and impactful virtual meetings and presentations.

 Course Overview

Our half day Presenting with Impact Virtually course is packed with practical tips and advice to help you build confidence and deliver more effective virtual meetings and presentations.



Anyone who delivers presentations online or takes part in online meetings and events and would like to be more engaging and effective in the virtual environment.


 Key outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of creating rapport in a virtual environment
  • Build and develop trust with your audience
  • Identify the elements that will make a huge difference when you are presenting online
  • Practice your new skills and receive expert feedback from experienced TV presenter, Alastair Greener

 You will leave this course able to

  • Write a presentation tailored to the virtual environment
  • Be more confident when presenting meetings, webinars and training sessions
  • Build more trust with your online audience
  • Use PowerPoint in a more effective way online
  • Create rapport with your clients and teams online
  • Make sure you are seen and heard clearly by your audience
  • Use lighting in a way that enhances your video presentation
  • Engage your audience more effectively using a variety of techniques
  • Leave a positive and lasting impression on your audience
  • Build stronger client relationships for long term business opportunities

Practical, effective and flexible solutions to suit organisations and individuals

Tack TMI’s Virtual Presentation training course can be delivered in a number of ways. For a tailored solution that is built around your organisations needs, this course is available as an in-company programme. Alternatively, it can be delivered as an open course or scheduled virtual programme online. The choice is yours.

Virtual Presentation Training

Virtual Classroom


Presenting with Impact Virtually held in easily digestible, bite-size, VILT sessions over the course of 1/2 a day. The format of the sessions is as follows:

Day 1: 2 x virtual sessions

(Course dates are subject to change)



£375.00 excl. VAT.






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To learn more about Tack TMI’s Virtual Presentation Training course or to discuss how we can help your business in other ways, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Presenting with Impact Virtually scheduled course dates
Presenting with Impact Virtually scheduled course dates

22 Feb
Virtual Classroom
1/2 Day