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Upcoming Dates

24 Nov
Virtual Classroom
1 Day

Prioritise your time effectively for better results

Managing your time can be tricky, especially when you have so much to compete with. From an increased workload and looming deadlines, to a constant influx of emails awaiting a reply and the expectation to be available anytime, anywhere, you might doubt your ability to suitably manage the time you have in an effective way.

The good news is, Tack TMI is here to help. Our Time Management training programme is a high energy, one day course that has been carefully structured to help you learn how you can claim back your time to get the job done. This interactive course will introduce you to the concept of successful time management, exploring a wide range of practical techniques and tools you can put into practice immediately.

Our Time Management training course will enable you to gain control over your workload, while helping you understand the difference between what needs actioning urgently and what is considered an important priority. As a result, you’ll be able to manage the expectations of others, whether they are colleagues or clients, and avoid distractions. Our Time Management training will even teach you how to push back – something that many people struggle to achieve in a professional environment.


In a nutshell, our one-day Time Management and Personal Effectiveness training course will introduce you to the concept of time management, delving into some of the useful and invaluable tools and techniques you can use to enable you to get your workload back under control.


Our Time Management training course is ideal for anyone who struggles with striking an even balance with their workload and the demand on their time.

 Key outcomes

  • Increase your productivity levels with planning and the ability to use your time more effectively
  • Learn how to prioritise your tasks according to the impact it has on the business
  • Identify the key distractions you face and how you can manage them better
  • Regain a work life balance that works for you to prevent burnout

 Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Focus on your individual key result areas
  • Identify where and how you can make improvements to ultimately regain control of your time
  • Prioritise and plan more effectively
  • Work proactively instead of working reactively
  • Delegate your workload successfully when necessary
  • Learn how to say no with confidence and without guilt
  • Become more organised and gain control in terms of your emails
  • Regain control to strike a healthy work-life balance that you’re happy with
  • Know exactly when and how to ask for help when you need it
  • Ensure that effective time management principles are continually being applied

Practical, effective and flexible solutions to suit organisations and individuals

Our Time Management course is available as an in-company tailored programme delivered face-to-face or virtually to meet the needs of your business and your employees. We also offer a scheduled virtual programme. Check out the links below for more information:




Our Virtual Time Management online course is held in bite-sized Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions that are easy to digest. Over a period of one day, the course follows the following format:

Day 1: 4 x virtual sessions
(Course dates are subject to change)

(Course dates are subject to change)


£699 excl. VAT.

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Contact us today

To discuss how our Time Management training online  course or face-to-face programme could benefit your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re happy to provide more information and answer your questions.

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Time Management and Personal Effectiveness scheduled course dates
Time Management and Personal Effectiveness scheduled course dates

24 Nov
Virtual Classroom
1 Day