Inspire, motivate and manage your sales team to not simply hit targets, but to exceed them

The sales team is one of the most important parts of any successful business. They represent the face of the company and can build, or break, relationships with potential clients, ultimately playing a huge role in shaping the future success of your organisation. This is why ensuring your sales managers have the right skills to manage, inspire and lead a successful sales team is absolutely essential.

In order to succeed, your sales team needs to be focused, driven and 100% motivated to sell and form strong relationships with clients. This requires strong leadership from skilled and experienced sales managers who are capable of leading, developing, engaging and motivating their teams to not only hit tough targets, but to go the extra mile to exceed them. This is where our Sales Management training courses come in.

Tack TMI’s Sales Management course is made up of two separate parts:

Sales Management Part 1: This module concentrates exclusively on the fundamental sales management skills that are needed to form and lead a professional sales team operating in any industry.

Sales Management Part 2: This module builds on the core skills taught in Part 1 and focuses on key aspects of the role, including business planning, forecasting, developing business acumen, driving your team’s results and fully comprehending all financial elements of the sales management role.

 Course overview

Taught in two parts, Tack TMI’s Sales Management training course offers a safe and supportive learning environment for Sales Managers to develop and enhance the crucial skills required to successfully motivate, encourage and lead an elite performance sales team.



Tack TMI’s Sales Management training course is designed for both experienced Sales Managers as well as newly appointed professionals looking to develop in this role.


 Key outcomes

  • Properly utilise collective and individual strengths of your team to achieve results
  • Coach, develop and help your team grow for optimum performance
  • Implement clear business plans and forecasting to measuring both business and team development
  • Use the tools and technology available to you to identify, measure and assess team productivity in order to better align actions to core business objectives
  • Confidently put together and deliver motivational team meetings to drive sales performance

 Tack TMI’s Sales Management training course will teach you to:

  • Identify and hone your personal sales management style based on your own strengths, and improve performance by applying a tailored approach to ensure the needs of your team are consistently met
  • Motivate and inspire your team to ensure it achieves optimum performance in both strong and challenging sales environments
  • Implement challenging yet realistic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for both individual team members and your team as a whole
  • Conduct effective and productive performance reviews for team members based on KPIs
  • Improve your organisational skills, key in ensuring priorities are understood and time is effectively managed
  • Identify, recruit and promote high performing salespeople that could be assets to your team
  • Produce your own Development Diary and Personal Action Plan designed to help you maintain high standards of sales management long after the programme has ended

Interactive, flexible and transferable training courses for all businesses

Tack TMI’s Sales Management course (Part 1) can either be scheduled as a bespoke in-company face-to-face programme, booked as an open course or arranged as an online virtual programme. It is completely flexible and has been designed to fit the requirements of your business.

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Sales Management (Part 1) – Open Course


Our Open Sales Management course (Part 1) is taught over the course of three days. The sessions are structured as follows:

Day 1: 9am-5pm

Day 2: 9am-5pm

Day 3: 9am-5pm


£2,099 excl. VAT.


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Sales Management (Part 1) – Virtual Classroom


Our virtual Sales Management course (Part 1) is taught in the form of 12 easily digestible virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions over the course of three days. These bite-size sessions are structured as follows:

Day 1: 4 x virtual sessions

Day 2: 4 x virtual sessions

Day 3: 4 x virtual session


£1,899 excl. VAT.


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