The current pandemic and subsequent ‘lockdown’ meant that overnight the role of a saleperson changed dramatically. A role built on face-to-face interaction through networking and meetings halted, and instead, salespeople had to quickly adapt to virtual selling. Whilst also consciously adjusting their sales-first mindset to respect the uncertainty and ambiguity of the situation many customers and prospects found themselves in.

Due to these changes, social selling quickly became a key part of the salespersons toolkit, helping to build and maintain new and existing relationships through softer sales techniques and a ‘value add’ approach. Those who had first been reluctant to engage in social selling had to embrace it in order to thrive in this new world.

Whether a new or seasoned social seller, the following social selling tips will help you build your network, increase credibility and ultimately generate leads.

  1. Know where to focus your efforts. Find out what social media channels your prospects use, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or others
  2. Be proactive. Join communities and comment on relevant topics, don’t wait for people to come to you
  3. Connect with people.  As with any business development activity, be clear on what value connecting with you gives the other person.
  4. Create a multi-touchpoint campaign. Structure and plan your target prospects journey from initial engagement through to buying customer
  5. Be consistent and responsive. Engage with people regularly, don’t disappear for long periods of time
  6. Leverage other peoples networks. Connect and collaborate with key opinion leaders, Mavens, and Influencers

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Social Selling (available as a Virtual programme) 

Tack TMI’s interactive Social Selling course explores the importance of mastering social selling and equips you with the skills, tools and techniques needed to effectively research, target, engage and network with potential clients through social media. You will leave the course confident and with a social selling plan that you implement straightaway for immediate results.

Contact a member of our team today for more information on our Social Selling course, or find out more here: Social Selling 

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