Successful sales teams start with highly effective sales managers. Yet, many find themselves promoted to sales manager based on previous performance rather than their people management skills, but top performer doesn’t always equal successful manager.

The good news? Great sales management is a skill that can be learned.

Start with the following 5 Tack TMI tips to help you lead your sales team to success:

  1. Know what motivates your team – Motivate people individually rather than applying one ‘blanket’ motivational device to all.
  2. Measure performance – Establish realistic key performance indicators for individuals and the team as a whole. Use as a tool for development, not punishment.
  3. Field coaching – Accompany your team in the field, observe and review their style and offer advice and guidance for development.
  4. Inspire your team to succeed – Motivational sales meetings don’t just happen, they must be planned. Think about: meeting objectives, style, agenda, timings and venue.
  5. Continuous improvement – Create a focussed plan to continuously develop your teams skills and address any weaknesses through training and coaching.

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