Effective influencing skills are essential in today’s cross functional, collaborative business environment, whether to;

  • Achieve business strategy, goals or plans
  • Affect change
  • Create buy-in
  • Implement key decisions

At some point we will all need the ability to influence others

Try the following Tack TMI tips to positively influence key stakeholders and achieve your goals:

  1. Build rapport. Get in sync, mirror ideas, beliefs, values and experiences, as well as words and behaviour but be careful not to mimic
  2. Behaviour breeds behaviour. Be aware of the verbal and non-verbal signals you are giving. People interpret behaviour in order to decide how to respond.
  3. Adapt communication styles. Adapt your approach based on the communication preferences of different personality styles and generations
  4. Know what makes them tick. Aim to uncover and understand the other person’s needs, wants, views, opinions, motivations, issues and concerns
  5. Choose your words. Adapt language to relay a message effectively. Avoid using ‘I’ too much, instead talk about how ‘we’ can find value.
  6. Reach a win-win outcome. What’s in it for them? Clearly define and communicate the benefits for the other party

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Influencing and Communication

Tack TMI’s  Influencing and Communication training course provides participants with the tools, skills and confidence needed to communicate effectively and persuasively to influence the thinking and actions of their key stakeholders.

Contact a member of our team today to discuss Influencing and Communication in more detail, or find out more here: Influencing and Communication

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