Today’s buyer is savvy. They want more than a transactional relationship. They want suppliers to be trusted partners who can add value and insight to their environment and help them achieve competitive advantage.

Try the below 5 Tack TMI tips to be come more consultative in your sales approach:

  1. Understand buying motivators. Investigate the client’s needs & wants to establish the real issue they are trying to solve
  2. Highlight value & competitive advantage. How will your product or service help the customer achieve their goals & a competitive advantage?
  3. Position yourself as an expert. Buyers want to be educated with new ideas. Provide insights on trends & market changes to add greater value
  4. Develop a range of questions. Ask buyers powerful questions to challenge current approach and encourage different thinking to drive processes forward
  5. Present the numbers. Understand financials & how your offer will help the buyer achieve their results

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Consultative Selling 

Tack TMI’s Consultative Selling sales training course equips attendees with the unique mix of skills needed to evolve your sales approach from transactional to consultative selling.

Contact a member of our team today to discuss Consultative Selling in more detail, or find out more here: Consultative Selling

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