Effective selling underpins business success, but increased competition can make winning new business a challenge. Having an effective strategy that is implemented consistently differentiates the winners from the losers.

Try the following 6 Tack TMI tips to lay the foundations for successful selling

  1. Research: look beyond the obvious. What impact are external political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors having on your customers business?
  2. Effective planning. Approach every sales call/meeting with a clear objective. Align your objective with that of your customer to develop a clear purpose for meeting
  3. Link your offer to business and personal motivators. List your customers motivators, write down the benefits of your product against each one
  4. Plan for objections. Pre-empt objections. Think beforehand what they may be and write a short statement to satisfy the concern.
  5. Focus on more than the close. Win commitment to a series of ‘sales milestones’ throughout the process to move towards closing the deal
  6. Don’t get complacent. Once won, be aware of customer contact points that could build loyalty or destroy reputation

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Tack TMI’s flagship sales course, PRO-PAYBACK Selling® guides individuals through each stage of the sales process, identifying the key activities every salesperson needs to build into their sales approach. Based on years of research and successful outcomes, it lays the foundations for successful selling.

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