Flexible, scalable virtual learning solutions

While face-to-face classroom teaching is sometimes preferred, virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is becoming the learning mode of choice for clients who are looking to:

  • Maximise the impact of learning while minimising the additional expenses associated with in-person training
  • Reach geographically dispersed populations of learners with similar developmental needs
  • Deliver ongoing learning in bite-size modules over time, as part of a blended learning journey
  • Maintain the interaction provided by a real-life trainer, while allowing learners the flexibility to learn anywhere with an internet connection

As early adopters of technology to support communication across our own Network of Global offices, we’re well-equipped to help you make the most of virtual classrooms. Focusing on 90-minute, high-energy sessions, our virtual learning courses maintain learners’ focus and motivation throughout.

The modular nature of our learning portfolio means we offer equivalent virtual topics to our in-classroom learning – with the same high-quality trainers, delivering meaningful learning outcomes and lasting behaviour change.

Why choose virtual learning solutions?

As a learner, there are many advantages presented by Virtual Classrooms:

Connect with colleagues around the world, exchanging learnings and best practice

Make more of the time you have in the day – with each virtual classroom lasting no longer than the average business meeting

The same quality content, but delivered in concise bitesize segments

The flexibility to learn wherever works best for you – at your desk, at home, or even on the move

Programmes delivered with Virtual classrooms give you time between sessions to practice skills and apply behaviours in the business, thereby support to form new, productive habits

Increased interactivity keeping learners engaged including virtual breakout sessions, role-plays and quizzes

The virtual learning journey

Here at Tack TMI, all of our Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions are underpinned by our own, specifically developed learning journey methodology. Our innovative VILT sessions follow a structured format of easy-to-digest, bite-sized principles, including creating energy, motivation and commitment to change. During our VILT training sessions, we keep learners engaged and focused in a number of different ways:

  • Instead of cramming in too much information, we carefully select the most important learning points that will have the largest impact on learners
  • We keep our concepts and frameworks concise, simple, and most importantly of all, memorable
  • We make sure that we can link the topic to a learner’s own context by sharing stories and relevant examples to the individual
  • Using a fast, engaging pace, we shift the energy during our sessions through different activities, including self-reflection tasks, 1-to-1 discussions, role-playing, case-studies, competitions, dilemmas, quizzes and much more

Our virtual platform

At Tack TMI, we mostly use Adobe Connect as part of our training plan. We feel that this platform effectively emulates the structure of physical classroom sessions, offering features that can help keep learners more engaged from start to finish. That being said, we’re highly flexible too. We also work with clients across a multitude of other effective and user-friendly platforms, including Webex, Zoom and many more.


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